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The Next Generation of Advanced Robotic Simulation Software

Workspace 5 opens up an entirely new window on the world of robot simulation and offline programming - offering accuracy, compatibility and customizability regardless of what manufacturers' robot you're using. Workspace 5 can help you visualize your complex robotic and automation processes quickly and easily before you reach the production stage. Here is just a sample of the power that Workspace 5 can bring to your PC desktop.

  • Easy to use
  • User Friendly Graphical Interface
  • Windows Based


Benefits of Simulation and Off-Line Programming:



3D Mouse Support

  • Like reaching into the screen and holding the model in your hand.
  • Redefines the way you work with 3D applications.
  • Pan, zoom, and rotate as if you are holding the model in your hand.
  • A level of control that's simply not possible using only a traditional mouse and keyboard.




  • 3D CAD creation, manipulation and modification (surface and solid modelling capabilities).
  • Import and Export IGES and SAT data.
  • Customization through Microsoft's VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).
  • Mechanism & robotic device creation (including kinematics association).




  • Internal motion control software (single and multiple device simulation).
  • Definition & utilization of multiple device communication ports.
  • Simulate programs created internally, or programs taken from your robot controller software.
  • Perform high accuracy reach studies, cycle time analysis and robot path optimizations.
  • Collision detection & analysis (both dynamic and static).

   Off-Line Programming (OLP)

  • Dual directional translation & simulation for many robotic languages.
  • Graphical and textual display and manipulation of robotic teachpoints.
  • I/O interpretation and translation.



Prevent Costly Equipment Damage with the Collision Detection Feature

Identify interferences and potential collisions between components in your automation cell before they get built on the floor. Once built, collision detection can be used to determine if the off-line program you are making needs to be corrected before being put into production on the floor.

Save Programming Time and Improve Path Accuracy with the Automatic Path Feature

This new feature makes path creation on very complex surfaces easy. A wizard-like dialog box guides you through the simple process of automatically creating a robot path. Once the path is created, it can be simulated or used to generate a native robot language program which can be downloaded to the robot.

Eliminate Redundant Engineering with CAD Functionality

Workspace 5 uses the ACIS CAD kernel, which enables importing .SAT files to and from AutoCad of existing CAD files a snap. Parts, fixtures, tools, and equipment can be brought into Workspace 5 and used in simulations. With the CAD functionality that comes standard with Workspace 5, you can even modify existing files or create new objects without costly add-on software modules.

Optimize Workcell Layout using the Reach Checking Feature

Workspace 5 has hundreds of different robot models to choose from. To help the user in part placement (or robot placement) we provide tools that graphically display the robot envelope and show teach points in red (for not reachable) or green (for reachable). Equipment can be rearranged as necessary prior to design and build, to optimize physical layouts and avoid costly rework.

Robot Languages

The following Robot Languages are supported by Workspace 5.

Languages Available:

  • AB G-Code
  • ABB Rapid
  • Adept V-Plus
  • Fanuc Karel 5
  • Fanuc TP
  • Mitsubishi PA10
  • Mitsubishi Melfa Basic
  • Motoman Inform II
  • Kawasaki AS
  • Kuka KRL
  • Nachi Slim
  • Panasonic Pres
  • Siemens G-Code


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